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Business Insurance for IT Training Providers

No matter what size businesses you provide IT training for – small businesses, major corporations, or anything in between – you take on a certain amount of risk in the work you do. For example, if you travel to your clients' locations, you run the risk of accidentally damaging client property. The same is true if you rent space for seminars and workshops. And if you provide training in your own office, visitors could get hurt and hold you accountable for their medical bills.

That's why it's a good idea to carry IT training business insurance, even if your industry doesn't seem dangerous at first glance.

How IT Training Business Insurance Can Save the Day

Let's take a look at some of the risks you might face and the specific IT business insurance policies that might benefit your company:

  • You accidentally damage a client's property. You arrive for a training session at a client's office at the same time they have just received a delivery of new monitors. You offer to help carry a few of the boxes, but trip up the stairs to their office and drop the boxes. Two brand-new monitors are destroyed. If you have a General Liability Insurance policy, it can help pay for the replacement costs.
  • Your own property gets damaged. As you're driving from your office to a seminar you're giving, you get into an accident. You’re fine, but both the laptops you had in your car went flying through the windshield. If you purchased a Business Owner's Policy, the Commercial Property Insurance portion can help pay for new laptops.
  • Your training misses the mark. One of your clients hires you to train their employees on how to manage the backend of their website. You give them a tutorial on basic WordPress best practices and everyone seems to grasp what you've taught them. A week later, one of the employees accidentally deletes several of the website pages, including their online store page. The client sues you over lost sales for the week it took them to figure out how to get those pages back up. Because your customer is accusing you of making a professional error (shoddy training), your Errors & Omissions Insurance may cover the legal expenses.
  • A client you trained gets hacked. You trained a client on how to install and update anti-malware software. A couple weeks later, they call you, extremely upset. Turns out they just got hacked and experienced a massive data breach. Now they are suing you to help recoup repair and damage control expenses. Many IT training service businesses rely on the Cyber Liability Insurance (typically included in an Errors & Omissions policy) to help pay for these costs.
  • An employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome. Your employee developed carpal tunnel syndrome after years of countless keystrokes and mouse clicks. The good news? You live in a state that requires all employers to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance, so the insurance company, not your business, can handle the medical care expenses. If your employee sues over the injury, the Employer's Liability Insurance portion of your Workers' Comp policy can help cover your legal fees.
  • An employee sues over wrongful termination. You fire your employee Sid because he is chronically late to work and makes a lot of mistakes in his work. A month later, Sid sues you over wrongful termination. His claims you never gave him written warnings or feedback, so he should not have been fired. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help out when an employee alleges they've been treated unfairly.
  • You land a client in financial services. A large local bank just went through a major tech overhaul, and now their managers need to be trained on how to use the new system. Because the bank has a very small IT department, it hires your training firm to get their managers ready for the change. However, the bank president asks you to purchase a Fidelity Bond. What gives? Because you and your staff will have access to account information, the bank needs to make sure it's protected in case one of your employees decides to "accidentally" wire $50,000 to their bank account in Switzerland.

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We get it – business insurance can be confusing, especially if this is your first time buying it. That's why we offer a smorgasbord of free resources to help you make informed decisions.

To get started, check out sample IT business insurance quotes, glossary of insurance terms, and an eBook that offers an in-depth look at Errors & Omissions Insurance. For more business tips, check out our tech business resources.

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