TechInsurance Issues Recommendations for iOS Security Consultants

IT consultants whose clients use Apple for business can reduce liability and boost revenue with TechInsurance’s tips.

CHICAGO—March 12, 2014—TechInsurance, the nation’s leading online insurance provider for small IT businesses, freelancers, and independent contractors, today published recommendations for decreasing liability and increasing revenue when consulting on iOS security. The recommendations come on the heels of a report from technology data monitoring firm comScore, which announced Friday that Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular handset among individuals, with 41.6% of the U.S. market.

Further, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced on an investors’ call in January that, among Fortune 500 companies, 97% use iPhones 98% use iPads. Once relegated to public school computer labs, Apple products today dominate both enterprise and individual smart device use.

Small-business owners, who often identify as both individuals and businesses, are prime users of Apple products and, because of tight financial margins, likely use mobile devices for both personal and business purposes. As IT consultants know, this increases their chances of exposing sensitive business data.

Security consultants who don’t take special precautions to ensure that their clients’ data is protected open themselves to significant liability and an elevated potential for data-breach-related lawsuits.

“It’s essential to recognize that iOS is a major player for small business,” said Ted Devine, CEO of TechInsurance. “Taking a proactive approach to educating clients about iOS risks and security helps minimize the chance of data breaches, identity theft, and costly lawsuits.”

To help the independent IT professionals around the country, TechInsurance today issued recommendations for those iOS security consulting among their services.

Those recommendations, published in full on the TechInsurance blog (http://www.techinsurance.com/blog/consultant-liability/ios-security/), include tips for decreasing liability and increasing revenue when consulting on iOS security, such as:

  • Understand the difference between protected and managed data, and how iOS handles each.
  • Know the security benefits and drawbacks of BYOD, business-owned devices, and Apple’s Supervised Mode.
  • Be ready to explain the security features introduced in iOS 7.
  • Offer iOS security consulting as a value-add service to new and existing clients.

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