TechInsurance Issues Recommendations to Help IT Professionals Handle Client Crises on Cyber Monday

Proactive IT professionals who effectively handle client data breaches and site crashes can win loyal customers and avoid Errors & Omissions suits.

CHICAGO——On Cyber Monday, just a week from today, online shoppers are expected to spend $1.8 billion on online purchases from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and work computers, a jump of 13.1 percent from last year. While this number represents tremendous opportunity for businesses that sell online, it also means that the technology infrastructure that facilitates online sales will be put through its paces.

And the IT and technology professionals responsible for building, installing, maintaining, and recommending elements of that infrastructure could face a grueling day of trouble-shooting. TechInsurance, the country's leading online insurance agent for small technology businesses, warns that IT businesses should prepare now for the likely spike in client problems that will come on Cyber Monday so they can avoid the kinds of fumbles that lead to Errors & Omissions lawsuits.

"When a mobile shopping basket is buggy on the biggest shopping day of the year, someone loses a lot of revenue," said Ted Devine, CEO of TechInsurance. "And whether your work was the cause or not, you could have a pretty unhappy client on your hands."

He added that even non-retail clients face risks on Cyber Monday, noting that last year, more than half of all machines used for Cyber Monday shopping had security issues, including old versions of browsers and plug-ins that lack the latest security patches. "Employees shopping at work could inadvertently introduce viruses to your company network," he said. "At best, that means you have to spend valuable time cleaning things up. At worst, you could have a data breach on your hands."

To help IT professionals prevent Cyber Monday snafus from triggering costly E&O lawsuits, TechInsurance published recommendations for IT consultants, web and app developers, web designers, IT training businesses, and others. These include simple preventative measures (such as system testing and client training) that IT businesses can take today. The recommendations are published on the TechInsurance blog:  

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