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TechInsurance Announces Partnership with ZeroChaos

TechInsurance provides easy access to high-quality, low-cost insurance that ZeroChaos' clients require of supplier partners

Allen, TX——TechInsurance, the nation's top insurance provider for information technology businesses, has formed a partnership with ZeroChaos, a leading workforce management company providing contract labor solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. The partnership gives ZeroChaos' supplier partners easy access to the comprehensive insurance coverage that ZeroChaos' clients require in their labor contracts.

Most clients that ZeroChaos serves have specific requirements for the types and amount of insurance that their contractors must carry. Among the most common are general liability insurance, which covers bodily injury and property damage, and professional liability insurance, which covers errors and omissions on the job. TechInsurance gives ZeroChaos supplier partners a simple, fast way to obtain both of these types of coverage – and many others – from top-rated carriers at highly competitive rates. ZeroChaos supplier partners who purchase the coverage they need through TechInsurance will enjoy priority handling, fast service and affordable rates.

To purchase appropriate insurance, ZeroChaos supplier partners simply visit the custom ZeroChaos web portal at http://www.techinsurance.com/zerochaos, where they may select the policies required in their contracts, review detailed information about how those policies protect them, and complete a single online application for all the required types of coverage.

"Finding coverage from a reliable provider that both meets contract requirements and doesn't break the bank can be a big challenge for contractors," said Jim Cochran, president and founder of TechInsurance. "We make it as easy as one, two, three: Review your contract, check the appropriate boxes on our ZeroChaos custom web page, and apply online instantly. We'll provide multiple quotes within 24 hours and then help the contractors start coverage immediately."

Once the supplier partner's coverage is active, TechInsurance will automatically send a certificate of coverage to ZeroChaos. Policyholders can also go online to print their own certificates of coverage at any time. Of course, coverage extends to all the supplier partner's work and clients – not just those requesting the coverage in their contracts.

"Our supplier partners are now able to easily and conveniently meet compliance with our clients' requirements, so they may get to work faster," said Harold Mills, ZeroChaos' chief executive officer. "This is another innovative way that we're providing services to help our suppliers build their business, while giving our clients the workforce solutions they need."

About TechInsurance
TechInsurance is the nation's leading online insurance agent for small and micro businesses (those with 10 or fewer employees). Since its launch in 1997, TechInsurance has provided a convenient online destination where IT and technology consultants, contractors, and business owners can find essential liability insurance coverage from top-rated providers by completing an application process that takes only a matter of minutes. In addition to offering third-party Cyber Liability Insurance policies, TechInsurance offers General Liability, Property, and Workers' Compensation Insurance. For more details about TechInsurance, visit the company's website at http://www.techinsurance.com.

About ZeroChaos

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, ZeroChaos is a ground-breaking workforce management company. ZeroChaos helps visionary companies achieve greater management and financial control of their workforce and talent supply chains through innovative private-label solutions and full-disclosure pricing. ZeroChaos is one of the largest and fastest-growing firms in the country. For more information on ZeroChaos, please visit http://www.zerochaos.com. Follow CEO Harold Mills on Twitter at http://twitter.com/haroldmills.

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