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TechInsurance Helps IT Businesses Validate Insurance Coverage to Their Clients

Insured Verified Program lets IT service providers place a graphic seal on their web sites to denote active business insurance coverage

Dallas, TX——TechInsurance has launched a new Insured Verified Program that makes it easy for TechInsurance customers to validate their business insurance coverage to their clients or prospects. This new business insurance verification benefit allows current insured customers to place a graphic insurance seal on their web sites to denote that their companies have active business insurance with the nation's top insurance provider for information technology businesses.

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When web site visitors click on the IT service provider's insurance seal, they will be taken to a custom web page at TechInsurance.com for each insured. This page confirms that the company has active policies and lists the type of policies the company holds with TechInsurance, as well as those policies' effective dates and educational resources on what the policies cover in general. An IT provider's clients or prospects will immediately see that the provider is responsibly insured by a business insurance provider that works only with A-rated carriers.

"Our customers are often required by their clients or contracts to carry specific types of insurance, and showing proof of coverage has always been a hassle for them," says Jim Cochran, TechInsurance's founder and president. "This new business insurance verification benefit from TechInsurance makes it easy for our customers to show proof of coverage not just to existing clients, but to prospective clients and referral sources as well."

All active TechInsurance customers may participate in the no-cost insurance seal program. Customers simply log in at the TechInsurance web site; copy their personalized, automatically generated HTML code; and paste the code on their own web site to add the clickable graphic seal.

"Our Insured Verified Program is another example of TechInsurance going above and beyond to make doing business a little bit easier for our customers," Cochran says. "We are excited to offer this business insurance verification program to help our customers give their own clients confidence that they're working with a service provider they can trust to do business right."

About TechInsurance
TechInsurance is the nation's leading online insurance agent for small and micro businesses (those with 10 or fewer employees). Since its launch in 1997, TechInsurance has provided a convenient online destination where IT and technology consultants, contractors, and business owners can find essential liability insurance coverage from top-rated providers by completing an application process that takes only a matter of minutes. In addition to offering third-party Cyber Liability Insurance policies, TechInsurance offers General Liability, Property, and Workers' Compensation Insurance. For more details about TechInsurance, visit the company's website at http://www.techinsurance.com.

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