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Over the years, TechInsurance has offered commentary on tips and trends that affect IT contractors, freelancers, and business owners. Browse these collected press releases for ideas about boosting security for your business and your clients, managing the risks that threaten your revenue, and staying relevant in a fast-changing industry.

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TechInsurance: eBay Hack Could Lead to Spear Phishing

May 29, 2014
EBay's password data breach offers IT professionals an ideal opportunity for reducing their risk by educating clients about the costly dangers of spear phishing.


TechInsurance Hails Report That Lets IT Pros Better Manage Third-Party Data Breach Exposure

May 7, 2014
IT professionals can now use data from Verizon Enterprise’s 2014 DBIR, which outlines primary breach exposures by industry.


TechInsurance Warns of Hidden Costs to IT Firms with End of Windows XP Support

April 15, 2014
Recent federal rulings could increase the frequency and cost of XP-related data breaches for small IT businesses.


TechInsurance Issues Recommendations for iOS Security Consultants

March 12, 2014
IT consultants whose clients use Apple for business can reduce liability and boost revenue with TechInsurance's tips.


Tech Insurance Cites New Data Breach Catalog, Recommends More E&O for Those with Retail Clients

February 20, 2014
New Errors & Omissions recommendations help reduce risks for IT consultants who serve retailers.


TechInsurance Adapts Deloitte's 2014 Risk Management Recommendations for Small Tech Businesses

February 4, 2014
New Errors & Omissions recommendations help reduce risks for IT consultants who serve retailers.

TechInsurance Warns IT Pros: Holiday Shopping Season Is Data Breach Season

December 19, 2013
The nation's leading online insurance agent for small IT businesses recommends issuing a cyber security reminder to customers to prevent costly cybercrime.

TechInsurance Warns IT Pros: Holiday Shopping Season Is Data Breach Season

December 19, 2013
The nation's leading online insurance agent for small IT businesses recommends issuing a cyber security reminder to customers to prevent costly cybercrime.

TechInsurance Publishes Guide for Reducing Cost of a Data Breach

December 9, 2013
Step-by-step guide includes steps for immediate triage and reputation rebuilding following a leak of sensitive information.

TechInsurance Issues Recommendations to Help IT Professionals Handle Client Crises on Cyber Monday

November 25, 2013
The nation's leading online insurance agent for small IT businesses recommends issuing a cyber security reminder to customers to prevent costly cybercrime.

Google's Blacklist Opens IT Vendors to Possibility of Costly Lawsuits

November 12, 2013
TechInsurance warns Web hosting firms, site developers, and network security admins on specific protocol for avoiding fallout from Google's blacklist.

TechInsurance Warning: Avoid E&O Traps That Botched HealthCare.gov Launch

October 29, 2013
TechInsurance highlights the flubbed launch of HealthCare.gov as a cautionary tale for IT professionals across fields.

TechInsurance Issues Client Education Guidelines that Reduce Data Breach Exposure

October 23, 2013
Technology professionals can limit their cyber liability exposure by ensuring that clients know how to prevent data breaches.

TechInsurance's New Fidelity Bond Offerings Mean Better Competition, Prices for IT Businesses

September 24, 2013
TechInsurance recently introduced new carriers for fidelity bond insurance, expanding the coverage options available to technology professionals.

HITECH Omnibus Rule Enforcement Prime Time to Update E&O Coverage for IT Trainers

August 28, 2013
IT trainers with healthcare clients face increased E&O exposure when HITECH enforcement begins next week.

Affordable Care Act Brings New Risks to Healthcare IT Departments

August 12, 2013
TechInsurance issues risk management guidelines for health IT professionals hiring outside contractors.

IT Staffing Firms: Manage HIPAA Compliance to Minimize Liability Exposure

July 30, 2013
TechInsurance issues risk management guidelines for IT staffing firms who place technology professionals with firms in the healthcare sector.

TechInsurance Issues Guidelines for Preventing Client Data Breaches from Mobile Viruses

July 22, 2013
As the number of mobile viruses skyrockets, TechInsuranceguides IT firms to keep clients' information safe and avoid E&O and Cyber Liability lawsuits.

For IT Contractors, Educating Clients on the Value of Risk Management Essential to Securing Adequate Compensation

July 15, 2013
TechInsurance issues a three-step guide for IT contractors to educate clients about the importance of investing in professionals with adequate risk management protections.

Smart Watches, Phablets Mean More Risk Exposures for Businesses with BYOD Policies

July 02, 2013
TechInsurance issues five tips for maintaining data security as mobile work explodes across new devices.

TechInsurance Issues Recommendations for Avoiding BYOA-Related Data Breaches

June 26, 2013
TechInsurance cautions small IT firms with BYOD policies on the dangers of unregulated app usage by employees who use personal devices for work.

IT Contractors Beware: New TechInsurance Guidelines Raise Awareness of Legal Liability for Network Outages

May 30, 2013
TechInsurance outlines three-pronged approach to help IT consultants and contractors protect their assets from costly legal action.

3D Printer Patterns, Other Downloadable Material Open Firms to Content Liability Risks

May 16, 2013
TechInsurance issues risk management recommendations for firms offering downloadable content online.

When Employees Go Rogue, Small Businesses Can Rely on Fidelity Bond Insurance, Says New TechInsurance Alert

April 18, 2013
The average financial loss for one instance of employee fraud can top $140,000.

For IT Staffing Firms, Failing to Verify Candidates' Technical Skills Presents the Biggest Risk, Says New TechInsurance Alert

April 04, 2013
IT staffing firms face liability risks for work completed by placed staff members.

TechInsurance Releases Checklist of Must-Review Items for IT Errors & Omissions Insurance Policies

March 21, 2013
Small businesses must review E&O insurance policies regularly as business changes, adapts, and grows.

Caution Ahead: Outsourcing Technology Services Does Not Outsource Risk and Responsibility

March 04, 2013
TechInsurance Provides Checklist for Small Businesses That Outsource Tech Services.

BYOD Saves Money But Increases Risks for Small Businesses

February 05, 2013
In January, Demand for Cyber Liability Coverage Increased 200 Percent Year-Over-Year, According to TechInsurance.

TechInsurance Launches Automated Marketing System for IT Customers with MODsocket™

January 16, 2013
New partnership provides small IT businesses with an easy, affordable way to market to existing and prospective clients.

Trend Watch: TechInsurance Notes Continuing Growth in Technology Services Businesses

December 09, 2010
Business insurance sales indicate a rise in small IT business startups, despite a generally weak economy.

TechInsurance Now Insures 15,000 Computer and IT Services Businesses

November 08, 2010
Web-based insurance agency leads computer, IT and web insurance niche.

Trend Watch: TechInsurance Notes Increase in Contract Requirements for E&O Insurance


September 13, 2010
More businesses' consulting contracts require computer consultants to carry professional liability coverage.


TechInsurance Announces Partnership with ZeroChaos

July 27, 2010
TechInsurance provides easy access to high-quality, low-cost insurance that ZeroChaos' clients require of supplier partners.

IT Businesses Drive Demand for Business Insurance, More Than 35 Percent Growth for TechInsurance

July 01, 2010
Leading online IT insurance provider records Q1 2010 as best quarter in company history.

TechInsurance Provides One-Stop Convenience for IT Contractor Insurance Coverage

June 19, 2010
Leading online insurance broker partners with IT staffing firms and other companies to ensure IT contractors have the coverage they need.

TechInsurance Announces 'End of Recession' for IT Businesses

April 06, 2010
The increase in business insurance sales for TechInsurance indicates that business is back for small IT companies. January and February 2010 sales and leads have proven that demand for technology insurance is rising.

Endeavor Telecom Announces Partnership with TechInsurance to Provide High Quality Low Cost Subcontractor Insurance

June 25, 2009
Endeavor's partnership with TechInsurance will provide its subcontractors easy access to affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage that is required to work with Endeavor.

Leading Professional Liability Insurance Broker Attends Risk Management Conference

June 19, 2009
TechInsurance founder, Jim Cochran will be among the panel members fielding questions at the inaugural Staffing Industry Analysts' Co-Employment & Risk Forum in Washington DC, June 18-19, 2009. This conference is intended to educate staffing agencies and hiring corporations about their potential risk and the liability coverage needed to offset the risk.

TechInsurance Helps IT Businesses Validate Insurance Coverage to Their Clients

June 03, 2009
Insured Verified Program lets IT service providers place a graphic seal on their web sites to denote active business insurance coverage.

New TechInsurance Web Site Serves as a Complete Insurance Resource for IT Professionals

November 13, 2008
New website design allows for a sleeker, more comfortable feel while allowing users to expand on their user experience with quicker quotes and more access to information resources.

Techinsurance Celebrates Six Months of Providing Real Time IT Insurance Quotes

August 19, 2008
As a top insurance provider for IT firms in the country, Techinsurance has been initiating real time quotes on their Website for over 6 months; and due to their exceptional carrier relations, they have been quoting and binding insurance packages for customers quickly and accurately.

Techinsurance Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

May 25, 2007
Web-based, insurance agency, Techinsurance, America's leading online provider of business and professional insurance for IT consulting and Web services companies, is celebrating 10 years of business and an astounding milestone of over 10,000 current clients.

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