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Grow Your Business with Marketing

A Special Opportunity for TechInsurance Customers

To keep your IT business top-of-mind with current and prospective clients, TechInsurance introduces our alliance with MODsocket to offer TechInsurance customers a turnkey marketing solution for maximum marketing impact with minimal effort and expense.

TechInsurance customers may take advantage of free access to MODSocket's system (normally priced at $49.95 per month) and a 50% discount on marketing templates, specifically created by TechInsurance for our customers with Custom Programming, Network Support Services, or Web Development businesses.

Customizable, Quality Marketing Materials that Fit Your Budget

Access dozens of templates to present your business in the best light. And, even secure printing or mailing fulfillment services to simplify the process even more.

sales flyer sample brochure sample postcard sample
Sales Flyers Brochures Postcards
print ad sample banner sample email campaign sample
Print Ads Banner Ads Email Campaigns

MODsocket gives you a low-cost, simple, automated marketing solution.
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What is MODsocket?

MODsocket is your new Marketing Department, providing you with everything - from expert advice and help, to on-demand advertising and marketing resources, plus a full range of professional marketing services - all in one place. Better yet, you only pay for what you use.

Our TechInsurance customers have long mentioned the challenges of marketing, so as a customer benefit, we've found a partner with MODsocket and have created and donated relevant technology marketing templates to jump start your efforts.

How it Works

MODsocket members have access to a host of professional marketing resources, including: expert consultation; libraries of print, email, direct mail, interactive, social media and broadcast campaigns; mobile marketing; and marketing services including custom design and research.

To ensure that the platform is relevant for web and technology businesses, TechInsurance has created print and interactive materials specifically for Custom Programming, Network Support Services and Web Development. You will find templates for sales flyers, brochures, postcards, print ads, banner ads, and email marketing campaigns written just for you. And, as a TechInsurance customer, ModSocket is offering free platform access and a 50% discount on the templates that we contributed.

In addition, MODsocket offers a host of additional services and templates as well as personalized materials that you may access with your free membership. All pricing for templates or fulfillment is clear, affordable and, better yet, a la carte, so you only pay for what you use.

Consider signing up today to take a tour and learn more.

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For questions, contact MODsocket:
[email protected]

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  4. Browse the "Web & Technology by TechInsurance" library.
  5. Customize your pieces. Pay only for what you use.
  6. Launch your marketing!

Curious about who MODsocket is? Visit their website.

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