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Small Business Insurance for IT Professionals by State

Did you know that your IT business’s insurance needs vary depending on where you operate in the continental United States? But no matter whether you have roots in Silicon Valley, West Texas, or New York City, TechInsurance can connect you with small business insurance tailored for your industry’s risks and the demands of your location.

To get a better idea about the small business insurance policies that protect tech ventures in your area, check out your state in our guide below.

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Small business insurance protects tech companies from future loss. When something goes awry – property damage or a lawsuit, for example – small business insurance foots the bill so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. You can purchase different types of insurance to cover different kinds of loss – everything from cyber liability lawsuits to automobile accidents.

But the same small business insurance plan that protects an IT company in Chicago, Illinois, may not provide adequate protection for a tech startup in Wilmington, North Carolina.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. Property is valued differently across the country. Identical workspaces in two different states can differ a great deal in value. This type of discrepancy affects policies such as Property Insurance, which protects your business property from damage and loss.
  2. Different areas of the country are prone to different risks. For example, Illinois is prone to windstorm damage, while parts of North Carolina are prone to hurricanes. Not all Property Insurance policies cover every peril, which is why you must make sure your plan delivers the protection you need in your area.
  3. Different states have different rules about insurance coverage. All states have laws that regulate Workers’ Compensation Insurance – except for Texas. Every other state requires employers to carry the coverage, but the specific rules vary depending on where you live. Some states require that certain professionals carry Errors & Omissions Insurance, too.