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IT Business Insurance for Sacramento, CA

In many ways, Sacramento is California. Founded in 1849 (the year from which the San Francisco ‘49ers get their name), Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in the state, being the central landing point of the mass migration westward during the Gold Rush.

But Sacramento is not just a town of historical importance. Today, it’s a leading city on numerous tech fronts, especially in “clean tech,” ranking 6th among major metropolitan areas in clean-energy tech activity. Whether your IT business focuses on clean tech, medical tech, agriculture tech, or some other tech- related endeavor, Sacramento is a land of opportunity.

Small Business Insurance for Tech Companies in Sacramento, Arden, Roseville, or Arcade

As demonstrated by the recent drama surrounding the attempted relocation of Sacramento’s beloved Kings, determination and persistence can overcome much. Years of mismanagement by the Maloof family prompted attempts to steal the team and move it to Anaheim or Seattle – but Sacramento fought, scrapped together investors, and won.

The Kings fiasco is instructive for your own business: don’t let things get so out of hand that survival depends on a desperate, last-ditch effort. Instead, plan ahead. Whether your business is in Sacramento, Arcade, Arden, or Roseville, investing in the following kinds of IT small business insurance can spare your business the high cost of lawsuits, data breaches, and more:

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance steps in when non-employees visit your office and suffer bodily harm. GL Insurance pays the injured person’s hospital and rehabilitation bills. It can also keep unfortunate accidents from bankrupting your business by covering your legal defense costs. Digital media content producers and web-hosting companies: know that GL Insurance covers you when you’re sued for trademark and copyright infringement, too.

Business Owner’s Policy

Your small, low-risk business might qualify for a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), an insurance bundle that offers GL Insurance and Commercial Property Insurance at a lower premium. If you rent your workspace, you’ll want Commercial Property Insurance to protect your office’s contents (e.g., furniture and expensive technical equipment). If you own your commercial real estate, this coverage can compensate you for certain damages to your building, too. Sometimes, your BOP will include Business Interruption Insurance, which covers your lost profits when an insured property catastrophe (such as fire or an electrical outage) puts your operations on hold.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

E&O Insurance (also called Professional Liability Insurance) minimizes the financial hassle of a professional negligence claim against your business. If a disgruntled client or customer blames your service or product for causing their data breach or financial loss, E and O Insurance pays your legal defense costs, including lawyer’s fees, court costs, and settlement or judgment expenses. Remember, even if you’re not at fault, a lawsuit can drain your cash reserves.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

California state law requires all employers (no matter the number of employees) to carry Workers’ Comp Insurance. Workman’s Comp covers your employees’ medical expenses and replacement wages when they suffer work injuries or ailments. Workers’ Comp also provides you protection by paying your legal expenses if the injury leads to a legal or administrative dispute. In order to make sure you have sufficient coverage to satisfy state law, talk with a TechInsurance agent about your options.

Cyber Liability Insurance

While your E&O Insurance covers data breaches on your clients’ networks, it does not cover attacks on your own network. If an identify thief, hacker, or other cyber criminal circumvents your security protocols and steals sensitive third-party information (e.g., credit card numbers, billing addresses, or confidential business data), you’re on the hook for those damage-control costs. A first-party Cyber Liability Insurance policy shoulders that burden by paying for notification of affected third parties, fixes to whatever security holes you have, and certain public relations measures that can save your reputation from irreparable harm.

Don’t let unplanned expenses derail your Sacramento-based tech company. Contact a TechInsurance agent today at 1-800-668-7020 to discuss your IT business’s specific risks. Or, to receive insurance quotes by email, fill out an online insurance application anytime.

Snapshot of IT Business Owners in the Sacramento, Arden, Arcade, or Roseville Area

  • 83% of Sacramento-based IT professionals work out of their home.
  • 26% of Sacramento tech businesses are responsible for their clients’ data as part of their services.
  • Sacramento-based IT businesses clear a median of $70,000 a year in revenue.