Free Sample Terms and Conditions Agreement

The Terms and Conditions Agreement* (also commonly called a Terms of Use Contract) works in tandem with a Privacy Policy to protect a business owner’s liability when creating a website for a client. Like the Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions Agreement shields you from liability related to losses and damages people claim in conjunction with using a website you build.

This Terms and Conditions Agreement outlines the limits of your liability for losses or damages incurred by website visitors associated with the site’s content. Terms of Use Contracts typically state that the site creator does not vouch for the completeness or accuracy of information included in the site and outline copyright and trademark protections the site has.

Included in this free sample Terms and Conditions Agreement are the following sections:

  1. Copyright and Trademarks
  2. Links to Third-Party Web Sites
  3. No Representations or Warranties
  4. Limitation of Liability

As you secure new clients and launch new projects, you can modify this sample contract to accommodate specifications and circumstances specific to those projects.

Download the sample Privacy Policy Contract for free.

Growing Your Business? Make Sure You Have the Right Contracts!

Every time you introduce a new product, service, or employee, you expose your business to new risks. Contracts help you minimize those risks by limiting your legal liability in a variety of situations. TechInsurance also offers two other free sample legal contracts to address other legal needs your business has.

Risk management goes beyond the contracts you use. Every time your business changes, consider reviewing your liability insurance to verify that you’re protected for the new risks those changes introduce. Your TechInsurance agent can help you determine whether your current policies need to be updated to ensure that you’re covered for all the ways you serve your clients.

*The forms included in this product are intended for reference and informational purposes only. These forms are not intended to be used to address a specific legal need you may have without the review of a knowledgeable authority. The specific circumstances of your legal situation may require modifications to the forms included in this product or may result in a particular form being poorly suited to your need due to the specifics of your situation. Additionally, these forms were written based on general legal principles existing at a specific point in time. The laws may have changed since these forms were written or the law of your specific jurisdiction may require consideration of issues not addressed in these documents or may require a different approach to the problem than is used here. Because we cannot decide whether any particular form is appropriate for your legal needs with or without modification, these forms should not be used as a replacement for seeking help from a licensed attorney should you believe such assistance to be appropriate.