Business Growth Tools for Tech Companies: Free Sample Legal Contracts

There's a reason skeptics are fond of the saying, "Get it in writing." Contracts and other written agreements form the cornerstone the U.S. legal system, as any small-business owner quickly discovers. Contracts let you protect your ideas, limit your legal liability, and set expectations for employees and clients.

In other words, contracts are an essential part of doing business. But they can also be expensive, especially for tech companies. Why? Because to have a contract that meets legal muster, you've got to hire a lawyer. And unless your lawyer is also very tech savvy, he or she will have to spend many (billable) hours getting to know the technology behind your work so the contract makes sense and includes adequate provisions to protect you.

At TechInsurance, we know that most business owners simply don't have the resources to fund the contracts they need— but not having them can open them to a tremendous amount of liability. So we decided to help you manage your risk without draining your bank account.

Belwo are three free sample contracts you can download free of charge*:

Find the Contracts Your Business Needs to Grow

If you're expanding your business by working with new partners, hiring new employees, or introducing new services, you probably need not only contracts but also updates to your business liability insurance. Talk with a TechInsurance agent today to find out whether it's time to update your policies.

*The forms included in this product are intended for reference and informational purposes only. These forms are not intended to be used to address a specific legal need you may have without the review of a knowledgeable authority. The specific circumstances of your legal situation may require modifications to the forms included in this product or may result in a particular form being poorly suited to your need due to the specifics of your situation. Additionally, these forms were written based on general legal principles existing at a specific point in time. The laws may have changed since these forms were written or the law of your specific jurisdiction may require consideration of issues not addressed in these documents or may require a different approach to the problem than is used here. Because we cannot decide whether any particular form is appropriate for your legal needs with or without modification, these forms should not be used as a replacement for seeking help from a licensed attorney should you believe such assistance to be appropriate.