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4 Tips to Get Fast, Affordable Technology Business Insurance Quotes

What sounds more pleasant than the time-consuming process of obtaining IT insurance quotes – a root canal? We get it. Visiting multiple insurance carrier websites and filling out countless applications is tedious, and it takes valuable time away from billable work you could be doing for clients.

That’s why TechInsurance was founded in 1997 – to make finding and buying technology insurance policies fast, affordable, and easy for busy IT professionals. We understand your industry and which types of policies would best serve your business needs. You only need to fill out one application, then sit back and wait for the quotes from top A-rated insurance carriers.

Technology Insurance Quotes Made Easy

Are you ready to get information technology insurance quotes for your business so you can compare costs and save money? We’ve got four tips to make the process as simple as possible so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Tip #1: Decide what you need. There are several different types of insurance policies available to a small IT business owner, so your application will go more smoothly if you have an idea of the type of coverage you need. Popular policies among the IT businesses we serve include…

Click on any link to learn more about the type of coverage, or talk to your insurance agent to discuss the policies that would most benefit your business.

Tip #2: Be prepared. Before filling out the application, make sure you have the basic information about your business that you will need, such as…

  • Revenue for the previous, current, and next fiscal year.
  • Number of employees.
  • Salary information.
  • Types of services you provide.
  • Details on your office space, such as square footage, year built, etc.
  • Breakdown of revenue percentage for each service you offer.
  • Industries of clients you typically work with.
  • Your insurance claims history for the past five years.

Tip #3: Review your quotes. Once you complete you application, you should receive competitive rates from multiple insurers in your inbox. Review them carefully to see which policies will provide you with the right level of coverage for the best price. Remember: the cheapest policy may not offer the best protection. When you’re looking over your policies, make sure you understand…

  • What’s included in coverage.
  • What’s excluded from coverage.

Tip #4: Ask questions. Confused by insurance jargon? Puzzled by policy limits and exclusions? Talk to a TechInsurance agent to help decipher your quotes. A knowledgeable agent can also offer tips on ways to save money on your policies – like by combining a General Liability Insurance and Business Property Insurance policy into a handy Business Owner’s Policy, also known as BOP Insurance. TechInsurance agents can walk you through anything you need to know about purchasing a policy.

Why TechInsurance?

We are the leading online agent in the US for IT freelancers, small businesses, and independent contractors, helping more than 100,000 customers find the coverage they need. Since our company is strictly focused on IT, we understand the risks you face and how to best protect your business from liability.

At TechInsurance, we can recommend the right insurance policies to ensure your business has the protection it needs.