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Micro Grants for Small-Business Owners through Small Business Heroes

Monday, March 24, 2014/Categories: small-business-resources


Attention, small-business owners: this week, TechInsurances sister company, insureon, launched a new program designed to give a much-needed boost to the owners of small and micro businesses. Called Small Business Heroes, its stated mission is to give back to the “little guys” who drive the American economy.

The program started this week with the mission of granting the wishes of small-business owners, and has committed to dedicating $500,000 to fulfilling that task. The giveaway works like this:

  • Owners of small businesses identify something they need to grow. For most small-business owners, naming something they could badly use is no problem – a new laptop, a power tool, a commercial-grade blender. The hardest part, in fact, will likely be choosing just one wish to identify.
  • Owners of small businesses submit their wish to the Small Business Heroes website. In 200 words or less, explain what your wish is and how your business would change if the wish were granted.
  • Become eligible to have your wish granted. Every month, Small Business Heroes will grant wishes for a few lucky business owners. If you’re chosen, you have no obligation to Small Business Heroes, and you don’t have to make any kind of purchase to be eligible to win.

Winners are picked in part based on feedback and support from the Small Business Heroes community, which means you can increase your chances of winning by encouraging your friends, family, and customers to support you on the Small Business Heroes website and Facebook page.

Oh, and it’s important to note that each small business can only submit one wish, so be sure to choose the wish that’s most important to you.

Giving Back to Small Businesses

So why the giveaway? Small Business Heroes, as we mentioned, is sponsored by insureon, which, like Tech Insurance, provides business insurance to small and micro businesses. After years of talking with owners of small and micro businesses on a daily basis, hearing their stories and generally being inspired by how hard they work, insureon decided to give back in a way that would be truly meaningful for individual business owners.

Find out more about the giveaway, read about other business owners’ wishes, and enter your own wish at SmallBusinessHeroes.com!

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