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How to Market Your Tech or IT Firm around a Holiday

How to Market Your Tech or IT Firm around a Holiday

Increase revenue for your firm by introducing marketing promotions and sales around industry-specific holidays. Get free quotes from 9 leading tech insurance companies.

Friday, January 10, 2014/Categories: small-business-resources

Marketing an IT or technology firm can be tricky at the best of times. After all, the target audience for many IT products and services can be highly specialized and sophisticated or spread over a broad range of demographics. In some cases, a single product or service appeals to wildly divergent groups of people, making choosing a single marketing strategy or advertising technique tricky at best.

But there are some ways that marketing high-tech products and services is similar to marketing anything else. Notable among them is the use of holidays to launch special offers and promotions. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, here are a few tips for marketing your IT business around a holiday.

Holiday Marketing Tips for IT and Tech Businesses

Give your marketing efforts a boost by trying some of the following techniques.

  • Choose the right holidays to celebrate. Anyone can offer a special deal on Black Friday, but not everyone will think to run a sale to commemorate, say, Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day (July 6) or Techie's Day (October 3). These days, there's a dedicated holiday for just about everyone, so choose dates that match the work you do, and you'll establish a distinct personality and voice for your brand.
  • Use the right marketing tools. There are thousands of software systems, calendars, and apps available to help small-business owners streamline and automate their marketing efforts. Choosing the right one for the size and scope of your business will do wonders for ensuring that your good intentions for specialized marketing efforts translate into excellent and effective campaigns.
  • Create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers. Holidays are a great excuse to drum up excitement about your products or services, particularly during your traditionally slow times. Limited-time offers give potential customers extra incentive to make a purchase and can turbo-charge lackluster sales periods. If your sales tend to fall off in the summer, for example, find holidays that fall between June and August and create a special offer to jump-start revenue. You can even choose an obscure holiday (see the first tip) that matches with the product or service you hope to sell.
  • Sponsor events important to your target audience. The more unique your target market, the easier it is to target them through special events, celebrations, and conventions. Get in front of a lot of new prospects at once by providing branded materials at an industry gathering, advertising in convention materials, or creating special offers for attendees of a certain event.
  • Hold a contest or giveaway. Social media sites like Facebook make running a giveaway or contest around a holiday fairly easy, and doing so allows you to grow your audience, which can benefit you long after the holiday ends.

More Ways to Grow Your IT or Technology Business

Looking for more tips on growing your IT firm? Check out our Small Business Resources section for suggestions on hiring new employees, securing business funds, obtaining proper business licenses, and more.

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