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The Hottest IT Jobs of 2017 & the Insurance that Helps You Get Them

The Hottest IT Jobs of 2017 & the Insurance that Helps You Get Them

Tuesday, February 21, 2017/Categories: insurance-requirements

Contractors with solid IT skills are always a hot ticket, but the demand is really heating up for certain IT jobs in 2017.

We spoke to IT recruiters and business owners to discover the most in-demand IT positions right now. We also asked whether companies typically expect contractors to carry their own insurance. Here's what we learned.

If Your Job Title Includes the Word "Data," Recruiters Want to Talk to You

A lot of the hot IT professions in 2017 have the word "data" in the job title. So if data is your jam, be prepared for a lot of attention.

"Job titles such as data analyst, data architect, and data scientist are in high demand across about every industry," says Jordan Ballard, recruiting manager for professional staffing firm 's (@Addison_Group) national IT division. "Companies want to take advantage of all the information out there and need these individuals to do that."

John Reed (@JReedRHT), senior executive director at (@RobertHalfTech), a full-service staffing firm for technology jobs, adds, "Web projects, security strategies, and data initiatives are adding to the need for developers, security professionals, and data analysts, architects, and scientists. As businesses continue to improve customer experience and make the best use of data, the need for these skilled professionals has risen."

IT Project Managers and Web Developers Are Also Sizzling

Data may dominate the hot job titles, but there are plenty of other IT skills that make businesses and IT recruiters clamor for résumés.

"There's been a recent surge in DevOps roles with organizations emphasizing the cross-functional collaboration between development, quality assurance, and IT infrastructure teams to automate the process of software delivery with changes in infrastructure," says Ballard.

He added that the demand for IT pros with web development expertise is also on the rise.

"Frontend web developers will always be in high demand as user interface technologies continue to evolve and improve," says Ballard. "No matter the size of an organization, it's important to provide a clean and usable interface to whatever they are working with."

Amar Panchal, the CEO of (@Akraya), a multinational professional staffing and managed services company, agrees. He says he sees increased demand for:

  • Business intelligence analysts who work with Tableau.
  • Hadoop administrators / developers.
  • Frontend developers with JavaScript skills.
  • Full stack PHP and Python developers.
  • Quality assurance engineers.
  • IT project managers.

Want that New Job? You May Need Contractor Insurance First

Even with in-demand skills, you might need coverage to land a new gig. Clients often require some sort of contractor insurance to protect their interests.

"Contractors are not covered by the insurances held by the client company," says Panchal. "In order to adequately protect the hiring manager and his / her company, contractors (or their employer company) should carry adequate insurance."

And it's in your best interest to have coverage, too.

"There are a lot of ways to be injured in a modern datacenter and there are a lot of ways for a small business to lose its shirt as a result of missed deadlines, cyber attacks, and erroneous code," says Dave Cox (@DaveCox79), founder and CEO of (@LiquidVPN) an Internet security and privacy company.

Let's look at some in-demand roles the recent Robert Half Technology salary guide [PDF] lists and the insurance policies clients may require these contractors to have:

For more information on how insurance can help you get ahead and stay ahead, read the section "Errors and Omissions Insurance: Protection from Your Mistakes" in our eBook Protection for Tech Pros: Insurance to Help Your IT Business Thrive.

About the Contributors

Jordan Ballard

As recruiting manager for Addison Group’s national IT division, Jordan Ballard is responsible for the management of recruiting teams charged with placing IT professionals, both nationally and within all Addison Group markets, with companies in search of their specialized skills. Jordan directly leads and supports the national IT and national delivery center teams.

Dave Cox

Dave Cox is the founder and CEO of LiquidVPN, an Internet security and privacy company, and S.M.R. Hosting, a web hosting and consulting firm. Based in Livonia, Michigan, he has been hiring and placing IT contractors for six years.

Amar Panchal

Amar Panchal is an Indian-born, American entrepreneur and the CEO of Akraya Inc., a multinational professional staffing and managed services company. Amar’s career spans over a decade of management, international business development, technology consulting, product management, and software engineering. Amar serves on the board of directors of Pacific Service Credit Union (PSCU), one of the largest credit unions in the US with over $1 billion in assets.

John Reed

John Reed is the senior executive director of Robert Half Technology, a leading specialized staffing firm providing information technology professionals on a project and full-time basis. In this role, he manages operations for more than 100 Robert Half Technology locations worldwide. The firm places IT professionals for initiatives ranging from web development and multiplatform systems integration to network security and technical support.

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