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9 Twitter Accounts that Will Pump You Up to Sell

9 Twitter Accounts that Will Pump You Up to Sell

Tuesday, March 28, 2017/Categories: business-tips

IT is your wheelhouse. Whether you're a developer or computer repair specialist, you know how to do your primary job well. But what about other aspects of running a business?

We've talked to a lot of IT business owners over the years and discovered that while they love owning their own business, a lot of them dread selling. It isn't a skill that comes naturally to everyone, and the fear of rejection is very real. Couple that with the stereotype of the slick salesperson and it's easy to see why many tech business owners would rather not pound the pavement.

If you struggle with selling, never fear! Just turn to Twitter – they are plenty of sales experts who give away good sales advice every day. So whether you want to learn to be more confident when selling or get tips on making the deal, be sure to follow these nine sales experts.

1. @bridgegroupinc

If you need to get fired up before sitting down to make some calls, Trish Bertuzzi is here to help you. She is the president and chief strategist of , an inside sales consulting company. Trish posts motivating comments and likes to engage with her followers in addition to linking to helpful content.

2. @jeffshore

Jeff Shore is a speaker, author, and expert on all things sales. He frequently shares useful articles and also has a video series. Jeff even encourages his followers to DM their questions for the chance to see them answered in an upcoming video. Pretty sweet way to get some expert advice for free!

3. @jillkonrath

If you enjoy short, insightful nuggets of sales wisdom linked to in-depth articles, Jill Konrath has you covered. Jill is a sales keynote speaker and is dedicated to helping people become better salespeople. She primarily posts her own content, but what she shares is super helpful.

4. @syedbalkhi

If you are craving a moment of Zen, head over to Syed Balkhi's Twitter feed. Syed is the CEO of Awesome Motive and posts short, inspirational tweets that lift you up when you're having a moment of self doubt. Guaranteed to get you fired up and ready to sell.

For sales tips you can put into action once you're motivated, check out our article "4 Proven Selling Strategies for People Who Hate Selling."

5. @GoforNo

The biggest pain point for many IT business owners isn't making the pitch – it's the fear of rejection. That's where Andrea Waltz can help. She's a speaker, founder of , and co-author of the book Go for No! She helps her followers overcome their fear of failure by helping them see it as a necessary step on the way to success. So if a potential client turns you down, scroll through Andrea's feed – you're bound to find some advice on how to assess your experience and use it productively.

6. @jill_rowley

Jill Rowley is a startup advisor who specializes in social selling. Turn to her feed when you want help priming prospects for the sale. And know that if you have a question, she often engages with her followers and doles out helpful advice.

7. @MarcWayshak

Marc Wayshak is an author and sales strategist who frequently contributes to Fast Company, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur. His Twitter feed is filled with articles he has written, as well as videos to help you master the art of selling. If you want good information that is light on self promotion, Marc's feed is for you.

8. @BestSalesTips

Alice Kemper is the president of Sales Training Werks. She shares quotes, links to helpful articles, and offers quick tips that both sales novices and grizzled sales veterans will find useful.

9. @scoremoresales

Lori Richardson is a B2B growth strategist at Score More Sales. In addition to sharing useful tips, Lori also shares a lot of advice for women in sales.

As long as you're logged into your Twitter account, be sure to check out our articles "No Time for Professional Development? Follow These 5 Helpful Accounts" and "5 More Twitter Accounts to Follow for IT Professional Development." We round up some of the best accounts to follow if you want to stay current on the latest developments in the IT world.

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