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5 Tech Headlines You Missed Last Week

5 Tech Headlines You Missed Last Week

Tuesday, April 5, 2016/Categories: business-tips

Between Microsoft Build and a flurry of major app updates, there was lots of tech and IT news last week – including the triumphant return of a Microsoft cult hero (did someone say Fedora guy?). Here’s what you may have missed.

Fight the Power(shell): Microsoft Goes Linux with Bash Shell

At its annual Microsoft Build event, Microsoft pulled out the rug from developers everywhere when it announced that it was bringing the Bash shell to Windows. Pretty much no one saw this coming.

The move is a huge one. As TechCrunch explains, Microsoft hopes that it will make Windows friendlier to developers who want to write programs to work on non-Windows systems. And PC World sees this as yet another sign that Microsoft is actually serious about open source.

Make Some Noise: Fedora Guy Is Back and Totally Amped about It

Fedora Guy (aka Bryan Roper) is back and gave an impassioned presentation for Microsoft Ink, a new notetaking and scribbling tool for the Surface tablet.

Who is Fedora Guy? Bryan Roper became Internet famous last October when he demoed a Windows phone while wearing a rakishly angled hat and exclaiming, “That’s insane!” as he explained the phone’s new features.

What makes the Fedora Guy so brilliant? You really have to see for yourself. Watch Mashable’s first and second videos, and witness Bryan Roper’s unbridled enthusiasm for Microsoft products. Also, it’s his outfits.

SnapChat 2.0: Yet Another App Trying to Conquer the World

SnapChat’s newest update is making news because, according to Engadget, it lets users stream live video and add and edit pictures. The app has grown since its initial purpose as an ephemeral messaging service.

Once a popular teen tool for scandalous texts, SnapChat is now offering calling and messaging tools that rival the standard features on your phone.  

Vendor Errors Leads to HIPAA Data Breach

HIPAA Journal reports an error by a medical transcription company meant that records for nearly 2,000 patients of Virtua Medical group were exposed. How bad was this breach?

Well, as HIPAA Journal points out, no Social Security numbers were exposed, but other private data was. Search engines indexed the information, which means anyone could stumble across the patient records online. Ouch.

A vendor problem like this is an IT consultant’s worst nightmare. Imagine hiring someone to help only to find they made a mistake that costs you big time. See “$1.2 Million HITECH Fine Highlights Risks for IT Contractors Working with Healthcare Clients” for more on HIPAA compliance for tech contractors.

Asana Project Management App Now a $600 Million Company

Asana received a $50 million investment from Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley bigwigs, according to PE Hub. If you’re not on the Asana train, you’re missing out.

Asana has become a go-to project management tool that allows your team to share information about projects, see each other’s work schedule, and encourage each other.

Perhaps Asana’s most frequently cited feature is its “celebrations.” After checking off a task, users will occasionally see a unicorn, yeti, or other magical creature streak across their screen.

It must have been the unicorns that caught Mark Zuckerberg’s attention.

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