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Certificates of Liability Insurance: The Candy Hearts of Business Insurance

Say it all this Valentine's Day with a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Monday, March 24, 2014/Categories: business-liability-insurance

On Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing like a candy heart to let a loved one know how you feel: in a few sugary words, you can express deep emotions familiar to any human (though perhaps not to any alien, as this Futurama clip reminds us).

As you read and chew your way through handfuls of candy this February 14th, you’ll be happy to know that your romantic feelings aren’t the only part of your life that can be easily summarized and shared with the important people in your life. Thanks to the Certificate of Liability Insurance, you can communicate your business insurance policy details lickety-split with partners and clients who need to know you’re covered.

How the Certificate of Liability Insurance Says it All

The Certificate of Liability Insurance is a single piece of paper (which you can receive via email from your insurance provider) that summarizes your insurance coverage. Specifically, a Certificate of Liability Insurance…

  • Outlines your insurance types, coverage limits, policy effective dates, and policy expiration date.
  • Lists the people covered by your insurance policy, including primary insured parties and those with “additional insured” status.
  • Serves as proof of insurance for business partners, clients, and anyone else who requires you to have coverage.

When to Send a Certificate of Liability Insurance

Certificates of Liability Insurance have become popular because they summarize on one page all the information included in an insurance policy. Rather than sharing pages and pages of details with potential clients or partners, business owners can send an insurance certificate to communicate their coverage quickly and efficiently.

Typically, clients and potential partners will request to see an insurance certificate prior to signing a contract with you. Most people today accept emailed or faxed certificates, meaning that you can quickly and easily demonstrate your coverage and secure new clients.

(As an added bonus, Certificates of Liability Insurance do not leave a chalky residue in anyone’s teeth.)

How to Read a Certificate of Liability Insurance

The beauty of candy hearts is that they’re straightforward and simple to read. Certificates of Liability Insurance are, too, thanks widespread standardization. The majority of insurance providers use one of two standard forms, though some groups still provide non-standard certificates.

Want to show a potential business partner you care this Valentine’s Day season? Shoot over your Certificate of Liability Insurance, and enjoy hearing a whole lot of “I’m Yours.” 

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