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Intro: Building Relationships to Keep Your Client Pipeline Full

Intro: Building Relationships to Keep Your Client Pipeline Full

Monday, June 13, 2016/Categories: business-development-and-sales

Getting new clients can be tough. Where do you find them? How do you convince them to hire you? Sometimes it seems easier to focus on the technical work and bury yourself in the computer screen. The reality of owning a business, however, is that you have to actively pursue customers or else risk running out of work and income.

The good news? You already know how to grow your business, even if you’re not doing it yet. It doesn’t require slimy sales tactics or gimmicky schemes – just honest, genuine connection.

Relationship Building Is Marketing for Your Small IT Business

Whether you’re a network consultant, a software developer, an independent tech contractor, or any other type of small technology business owner, you do work for real people. This means that getting new work depends on your relationships with these people.

In our post “Don’t Call it Marketing (Call it Relationship Building),” marketing expert Andy Singer (@andy_singer), the cofounder of (@ignytemarketing) explains how relationships with clients and business partners are key to growing your business. The success of a business as a whole, he says, depends on its relationships with individual clients.

“After all,” Singer says, “building relationships should be the goal of any marketing or advertising campaign.”

You might even think of advertising as introducing yourself and starting a (somewhat one-sided) relationship.

So how do you attract new prospects, strengthen existing relationships, expand your professional network, and keep your client pipeline brimming with work?

Singer has some good suggestions, such as…

  • Keeping in touch with former colleagues and letting them know about your services.
  • Meeting with other business owners for coffee and asking about how they run their business.
  • Using social media, email, and your website to quickly answer clients’ questions and engage with them.

We’ll also be spending the next month getting more in-depth on how small technology business owners like you can market and grow your client base. We’ll talk to marketing experts, sales coaches, and networking experts with guidance on the best ways to build relationships in IT.

Be sure to check back here for more insight. In the meantime, if you’re still feeling uneasy about coming across as too “sales-y,” see these helpful selling strategies for people who hate selling.

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