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Do You Speak Client? 3 Tips to Close the Communication Gap & Close the Sale

Do You Speak Client? 3 Tips to Close the Communication Gap & Close the Sale

Monday, June 27, 2016/Categories: business-development-and-sales

Communicating with potential clients in a clear, friendly, and understandable way sounds pretty simple at first. But any professional who’s worked in IT for a few years will tell you just how fast communication can go off the rails.

Being too technical can scare a prospect away. Not listening to their pain points can make them frustrated. These are just some of the things to keep in mind as you master the skill of speaking “client.” Here are some additional tips to help you get going.

Focus on Client Results

“People don't usually care about details; they care about results,” says Aryana Jaleh, the marketing manager of IT company (@EboxlabInc). “So while describing your process with industry lingo makes you excited, it makes your customer bored.”

Technical jargon may intimidate or even anger a potential client. If they can’t keep up, they may feel that you’re misleading them.

Get on your clients' level: Keep the conversation centered on results.

“You can talk about what you will be able to accomplish without talking down to clients,” says Jaleh. “Acknowledge their own expertise and frame your services in a way so it's easy for that person to understand how you will help them.”

Of course, sometimes you can tell when things won’t be a good fit. For tips on when it might be in your best interest to walk away from a sale, check out "When to Say 'No' to a Client: 6 Warning Signs to Look Out For."

Keep it Simple

When you're selling a product or service, every minute matters. Keep your client's attention by keeping things simple.

“Explain the value of the company's products or services in simple, prospect-centric, benefit-oriented language,” says communications expert Phil Stella, founder of

Get on your clients' level: Your clients don't need to know how the sausage is made. They just need to know how your products or services can…

  • Take away their tech pain.
  • Save them time.
  • Make them money.

Tie everything back to one of these three points and you’ll be speaking a language clients understand.

Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying

If you really want to know how your client sees things, get to know them.

“The easiest way to describe to a ‘layperson’ what your service does is to talk to your customers and listen to how they describe it,” says Austin Iuliano (@AustinIuliano), growth expert and blogger at the entrepreneurship and lifestyle blog .

“Use their words and vernacular in your marketing material,” Iuliano suggests.

Get on your clients' level: Ask clients from different industries how they would describe your work. That way, you can adjust your description based on a prospect's field.

“Sure, it takes time to sit down over coffee or pick up the phone and listen to them,” Iuliano says. “But this shows your customers that you care about them, builds a tighter community, and makes future sales easier.”

Looking for more communication advice? Check out "Want More IT Consulting Jobs? 4 Tips for Impressing Potential Clients."

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