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5 More Twitter Accounts to Follow for IT Professional Development

5 More Twitter Accounts to Follow for IT Professional Development

Thursday, April 21, 2016/Categories: business-development-and-sales

Okay, so when we published "No Time for Professional Development? Follow These 5 Helpful Accounts," yesterday, we had a secret: we had a few more accounts up our sleeves. So go ahead. Give them a follow.

1. @arstechnica

Tech publication Ars Technica can’t be beat for IT news, reviews, and everything cool. Its coverage extends from gaming and entertainment to tech law and the latest breakthroughs in computing hardware. This Twitter feed is a steady stream of interesting stories, often delivered with a bit of sass.

The account is worth following in order to stay on top of emerging trends and breaking tech news, but take some time to dig into the website for more in-depth reviews and insights.

2. @lennyzeltser

Lenny Zeltser is absolutely committed to information security. His feed is a mix of illuminating articles about malware, advice for infosec startups, cybersecurity jokes, and more. He also runs a fantastic blog for his company Zeltser Security Corp where he covers what scammers are up to and how to better fight them.

Honestly, if you haven’t been paying attention to information security by now, you should. We’ll let Lenny tell you why.

3. @spolsky

Joel Spolsky is the CEO of and co-founder of Fog Creak Software. He’s been involved with Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic, and even though his website hasn’t been updated in a while, his Twitter feed is alive and well.

Follow him for tips on software development, project management, and adorable pictures of his husky.

4. @KentBeck

Kent Beck works at and is the creator of the software development methodology called Extreme Programming. Intrigued? We thought so.

Beck’s Twitter feed is sometimes about code development, and sometimes it's a catalogue of funny, philosophical musings from a very smart dude.

5. @martinfowler

Martin Fowler is a renowned software developer, author, and public speaker on software development. He tweets a lot about software development (which you can also read about on his website), web applications, and cyber security.

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