Success Stories

See how our unique, in-depth knowledge of insurance for IT businesses allows TechInsurance to deliver the right solution for the situation - with the least stress:

Lightning-fast coverage for a last-minute contract

A self-employed IT consultant previously purchased a business owner's policy, combining general liability and property insurance from TechInsurance. This package protects him if a visitor slips and falls on his premises, or if a thief breaks in and steals computer equipment. He has a client who understands a little bit about IT risk, and before the client will allow him to come onto company premises, start accessing data, and changing or installing software on their computer system, he wants to see evidence that the consultant has professional liability / errors and omissions insurance.

Because TechInsurance has the consultant's other business insurance, our representative confirmed during the phone call that we already had most of the information needed to generate a quote. She updated his information for the new coverage, and while on the phone with him sent the information via electronic data exchange to four different professional liability carriers. A minute or two later, still on the same telephone call, she provided him with multiple, real-time quotes from the carriers, emailed the quotes to him, and explained differences in coverages and why one carrier was more expensive than another to help him choose the most suitable policy. Our customer chose a policy, his rep bound the coverage before he hung up, and she emailed a certificate of insurance that proved to his client that he had the insurance required. We arranged for the insurance company to bill him in about three weeks, but in 10 minutes on the phone, our customer secured his coverage and went to work the next day.

High-efficiency application process saves time and trouble

An IT staffing and recruiting firm attempted for weeks to obtain errors and omission coverage from the local offices of nationally advertised insurance companies. Unfortunately, these agents were unaccustomed to providing business insurance for IT professionals, had no idea where to obtain this type of policy, and never got back to him. After several weeks and a looming deadline, the contractor got desperate, turned to the Web, and found TechInsurance. He told our representative - I'm really in a bind - I need to have this coverage tomorrow morning. She advised him to fill out the online application, then call her when he hit the submit button.

Immediately upon submission, our rep looked at the contractor's completed application, and because she knew which insurance companies insure which kinds of computer consultants, sent the application via electronic data exchange to the appropriate carriers. While on the phone with the contractor, our rep obtained the quotes and emailed them to him, and told him that all he had to do was say that he wanted the policy to start the coverage that day. Within an hour and a half, he completed the application, read the quotes, and reviewed the final application form completely filled out based on the data he provided online. With everything satisfactory, he signed the application, scanned it and emailed it back to us, and he was done.

Educating customers about insurance policies and contract requirements

A small computer consulting firm was presented with an opportunity for a large contract on a Friday afternoon. But it needed to have three different types of insurance - by Wednesday - to get the contract. One of the company's partners called TechInsurance and related that they needed to have general liability, workers' compensation and professional liability/E&O insurance in place in a matter of days. However, she had only been in the United States for a few years and she was not familiar with American business insurance. Our representative took the time to describe each of the policy types, what they cover and why the client is asking them to have it. In the process, our rep also gave her good advice about what her company needed to comply with the contract. She filled out the TechInsurance application online, and shortly thereafter received several price quotations for each policy. She conferred with her rep again, made her selections, and had her coverages bound on Monday.

Protecting a growing business from unfamiliar risks

One of our clients has a successful, growing business providing ERP implementation services primarily from its bases in Virginia and Maryland. The company sought our guidance after winning a large project from a national bank: In addition to using its own consultants, it would have to bring in additional consultants, either as employees or independent contractors, to perform implementations at the bank's branch offices in five other states.

Our client wanted to make sure of the following:

  • They had the coverage they needed if one of their employees - or a newly hired contractor they didn't know well and hadn't worked with before - didn't really know what he was doing and made a serious mistake.
  • They were going to be compliant with workers' compensation laws in every state where they had an employee.
  • If one of their employees injured someone at the client's location or damaged property, or their company-issued laptop was stolen, there would be coverage for those things.

Finally, they wanted to know if one of the consultants they hired as a contractor got into the banking system and was transferring money from one person's account to his account - intentionally stealing from the client - what would they do? Was that insurable? If so, how do you get it insured?

It was a very large contract, and they wanted to make sure that it would be a winner for them - not destroy their business if something went wrong. So our representative talked to the client about their concerns and "what ifs." He explained that their existing general liability insurance would not protect them if a contractor inadvertently deleted or corrupted customer records, and walked him through professional liability coverage. And we alerted them to relevant state regulations that would affect them, such as the need to provide workers' compensation insurance for their contractor in New York or be subject to $25,000-a-day fines. They also discussed coverage under a Fidelity Bond (aka Employee Dishonesty Bond) that would respond to an allegation of employee theft from a client. With that perspective, our insured evaluated his options, reviewed quotes and secured the necessary coverages.

Superfast certificates of insurance

One of our policyholders was on the road and received word of a rush engagement. But before he could begin work, he had to provide a certificate of insurance proving that he had general liability coverage. From his laptop at 11 p.m., he logged onto the TechInsurance customer portal - My TechInsurance - and created a certificate of insurance. Then he emailed the certificate of insurance directly to the client in a matter of minutes and was approved the next morning to start on the new engagement.