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Tech firms must become aware of potential threats

Tech firms must become aware of potential threats. Published: 11/27/2012

Cyber threats affect small tech companies just as much as any other business throughout the world. However, recent research conducted by B2B International on behalf of IT security solutions provider Kaspersky Labs found roughly half of global businesses aren't aware or do not take the necessary security precautions to stay protected from potential cybercrime and other threats their firm could be subject to.

"Companies shouldn’t underestimate global cyber threats," said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab. "This issue has started to be taken seriously of late, and businesses have begun to worry, leading to increases in the number of IT staff working specifically in IT security (now about 40 percent of IT staff in companies all around the world)."

IT needs proper training to protect firms
With the growing number of IT threats, small tech companies need to remember to properly train all members of the business understand how to deal with cybersecurity threats. Thirty-five percent of respondents don't have the proper personnel to deal with potential threats. Keeping this is in mind, owners at small tech companies would be wise to invest in cyberliability insurance policies.

"However, IT security staff are not always sufficiently trained and competent to protect businesses from the most pertinent threats," said Kaspersky.

All business staff should understand potential of cyber threats
Computer literacy is another point of contention among organizations that are failing to prepare for computer hackers and other cybercriminals. A lack of knowledge when it comes to cyber threats can lead to "confidential information leakages, and to the infection – or even total disablement – of a company’s IT infrastructure," said the study.

"Increasing the level of computer literacy among staff is an essential element of security, while senior management needs to be fully aware of the potential consequences of cyber threats and understand that reliable protection of the corporate network is vital in ensuring the effective development of a company’s IT infrastructure," said Kaspersky.

Some employees are either completely unaware or lacking in knowledge about some of the threats their companies may face with 31 percent of respondents claiming to have had never heard of any of the cyber epidemics that recently posed direct threats to their organizations.

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