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Single Touch protecting its technology with patent infringement suit

Single Touch protecting is technology with patent infringement suit. Published: 2/23/2012

Single Touch Interactive recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Zoove Corporation, alleging the company violated patents for Mobile/Abbreviated Dial Code Platform technology.

"While we would have preferred to keep this matter out of the courts, our intellectual property portfolio forms the foundation for Single Touch, and we believe it is our duty as stewards of the company to protect all of our stakeholders, including clients and shareholders, when our IP rights have been violated," said Anthony Macaluso, chairman and chief innovation officer at Single Touch.

For many tech companies, protecting intellectual property is a constant battle often ending in patent infringement cases. These tech companies can seek protection from expensive lawsuits with a professional liability insurance policy. In its current suit, Single Touch is working to protect two of its patents.

The Mobile/Abbreviated Dial Code Platform - which supports dial codes beginning with the symbols #, ##, * or ** - is an effective technology because it provides other features than short message service, including giving users access to downloadable content, interactive TV and marketing and advertising campaigns.

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