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Public cloud: Regaining its popularity among firms

Public cloud: Regaining its popularity among firms. Published: 12/31/2012

The shift to the cloud is inevitable for many small tech companies as onsite data centers are simply too costly and the computing innovation has proven to be quite cost-efficient. Firms that have yet to make the move to the cloud have stressed that the security risks are simply too high; however, recent innovations have caused more businesses to trust that their critical information will be safe within the online storage solution.

Public cloud gaining traction in business world
Several small tech companies have so much information they have to store, making it tough to rely on their private cloud infrastructure to support of all that data. Taking a hybrid approach, or using the public cloud completely, is something more businesses are beginning to do as security concerns become lessened.

According to recent research from cloud server security provider CloudPassage, 41 percent of IT professionals said their firms are placing their external applications in the public cloud to make room for more important business processes in their private cloud.

Despite the fact that fewer firms are worried about security when it comes to the public cloud, it's still important to have cyberliability insurance policies in place in the event that a company's storage environment becomes compromised.

Online media, development and testing being moved to public cloud
The private cloud is a perfect home for critical business information, but processes that are not core to a firm's operations can be moved to the public cloud. Freeing up valuable storage space is going to be something more firms are going to need to do in the upcoming years.

The data compiled by CloudPassage revealed 31 percent of respondents said their firms are planning to host their online media in the public cloud within the next year, while 29 percent of IT pros believe their companies are keeping their information relative to internal development and testing in the public cloud relatively soon.

While some small tech companies are moving to the public cloud out of necessity, an article for Midsize Insider said medium-sized firms see the solutions as an opportunity to provide "competitive-level, equivalent access to a market shared by larger competitors." Leveling the playing field with the competition is something that is very attractive to business owners of any size.

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