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Privilege management can beef up security at small tech firms

Privilege management can beef up security at small tech firms. Published: 12/12/2012

Many small tech companies rely on their virtual infrastructure, and it is often the negligence of staff members that opens up the firm to malware threats and potential cybercrime. One way to combat these security concerns is to reduce the number of employees at the company that have user privileges on their devices.

According to recent research released by Windows privilege management solutions provider Avecto and conducted at the McAfee Focus 2012 conference in Las Vegas, 84 percent of respondents believe their organizations need better control of user privileges considering 40 percent of survey participants said more than half of their employees have privileged accounts. 

"As we look towards the new year and beyond, the rising threat of sophisticated malware will drive more companies to look into more proactive defense-in-depth security measures, such as privilege management and application control, to make it more difficult for targeted attacks to infect the corporate network," said Paul Kenyon, co-founder and chief operating officer at Avecto.

Admin rights not required for production
Understanding the results from this survey is important for managers at small tech companies who want to protect the business critical information that is housed in their online infrastructure. Forty-five percent of respondents said the main reason for limit admin rights is to prevent malware attacks.

"Many organizations have taken the first step towards eliminating admin rights from the majority of users, and we can expect fewer and fewer employees, including IT admins, afforded fully-privileged accounts – eventually resulting in the demise of the admin right," said Kenyon.

Reducing the potential for malware threats and cybercrime is extremely vital for owners at small tech firms. However, it's also imperative to have a cyberliability insurance policy to protect from several types of virtual threats.

Securing the company database
Owners at small tech firms who want to protect their company's database can take a number of different precautions, including privilege management, when enabling strategies to escalate cybersecurity. A recent blog post for Dark Reading spelled out some of the ways firms can debilitate threats.

•Encrypt data filed with a passcode or security key
•Build a query of all malware encountered by the security software
•Understand potential patches that need to be applied to the infrastructure
•Evaluate employees for misuse of devices

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