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Out-of-date browsers can be a security concern

Out-of-date browsers can be a security concern. Published: 11/12/2012

IT professionals at small tech firms work hard to ensure the security of their data and do all they can to fight cybercrime. However, according to recent findings from security software vendor Kaspersky, 23 percent of browsers currently in use are out of date, which can lead to several cybersecurity problems.

Business users utilize web browsers on a daily basis, and making sure they are safe can help IT professionals avoid potential cybercrime. With web browsers allowing people to access their email, surf the web, create documents and spreadsheets, maintain cloud-based file storage, and sharing sites and posts with with others on social networking sites, small tech companies need to know the browsers they are using are safe.

Understanding how important it is to secure data, small tech companies that use the web to perform nearly all of their tasks should take a look at potential cyberliability insurance policies, which help them combat computer hackers and other types of cyber attacks that can come from an out-of-date browser.

Allow automatic updates
Many business users don't like to turn off their computer and reboot their system every day, which can lead to having a browser open for several days. While this isn't always the best practice, IT professionals need to look out for automatic updates to keep their browsers up to date.

"It is a common habit nowadays to rarely reboot or shut down the system," according to the study. "Browsers can stay open for weeks with prompts about the new version being ignored. Thankfully, all modern browsers offer a convenient and quick upgrade procedure."

Businesses should give users ability to update software
Small tech companies that take the safe route don't allow many of their users to update software and download files due to fears of encountering potential cybercrime. While this is a proactive approach to maintaining security, owners at small tech firms should trust employees with software updates, making it easier to avoid crimes.

"While such an approach may seem efficient at first glance, it leads to a situation where seriously outdated software is used," the study said. "If users are unable to update software by themselves, it has to be done in a centralized way by IT personnel."

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