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Law Makes Companies Liable for Non-employee Labor Violations

A new law makes California employers liable for certain damages and penalties on wage-related issues for workers employed by other companies but working for California employers

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Many CIOs Unsure of Their Cloud’s Security Measures

Many CIOs unsure of their cloud's security measures. Published: 12/26/2012

The shift to the cloud is inevitable for many small tech firms, but security still remains a limiting factor for businesses who are thinking about beginning their own deployment. However, recent research conducted by Robert Half International found 45 percent of chief information officers are forging on with their cloud migration without even testing security systems and procedures by cloud vendors.

According to the research, cloud security issues are the biggest point of concern for CIOs planning to make the move to the online storage solution, but it still remains important to look into the cloud vendor before purchasing the deployment and beginning to use it within the company's infrastructure.

Robert Half Technology’s managing director Phil Sheridan noted that 2013 brings with it new challenges for CIOs to juggle, as new regulation, integration and migration projects are piling up and straining already-pressed IT departments.

Cloud still worth the risk

Many small tech companies are missing out on the benefits of the cloud which helps with speed and efficiency within the enterprise. With 84 percent of CIOs being concerned with cybersecurity, beefing up the firm's protection with cyberliability insurance policies that provide another level of defense against computer hackers and cybercriminals is a smart idea.

Sheridan also noted that not migrating to the cloud also presents a challenge: in many ways, he believes, the cloud presents huge potential IT savings that may outweigh any risks that arise from cloud security concerns. When small tech companies need to do more with less, it may be worth it to use the cloud in spite of the risks – especially if there is a way to protect the company from cloud security liability concerns, without missing out on the potential savings.

Security concerns could be overblown

Many owners at small tech firms are beginning to understand that the cloud is changing the way they do business, and making the migration is inevitable. One of the biggest roadblocks to cloud use has been security concerns, however, a recent article by Forbes said these security fears may be exaggerated.

The cost savings created by cloud use are something that is very attractive to businesses, but it's important to owners at many small tech firms that their data remains secure within the infrastructure. This is why owners at small tech firms need to conduct a lot of research before making the switch. The news source reported that planning months or even years in advance before cloud migration can ensure that the company won't be stuck with a provider that lacks proper security.

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