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IT professionals prefer informal feedback

IT professionals prefer informal feedback. Published: 11/2/2012

Receiving feedback is important to success in the workplace, especially at small tech companies that need employees to be as efficient as possible. According to a recent survey from IT staffing solution provider TEKsystems, the informal route is the way to go for managers at IT firms. Ninety-three percent of IT professionals said casual feedback is a main reason for their success.

Telling employees what is expected of them and how they are performing at work can be a great way to boost production in the workplace. The research found that only 39 percent of IT professionals and 46 percent of IT leaders said poor performance is effectively addressed at their organization. 

"The goal of performance management is to take lessons learned and use them to help an individual, or team, improve," said Rachel Russell, director of TEKsystems. "Failing to deliver feedback more regularly than quarterly or annual reviews hinders the effectiveness of a performance management program."

Take the personal route and use informal reviews
Whether IT employees are doing poorly or flourishing in the workforce, they are interesting hearing from their bosses. According to the survey, 62 percent of IT leaders believe great performance is noticed at their organization, but only 43 percent of IT professionals could say the same.

"Formal reviews are very necessary, but informal feedback is more personal and can be absorbed much more easily because it tends to revolve around a specific, timely issue that deserves recognition or pause for learning and growth," said Russell. "Failing to handle poor performance can cause team conflicts, reduce morale and produce lower quality results.On the other hand, taking the time to recognize an individual or team when they do excellent work promotes confidence, builds trust and motivates high performers to help the business succeed."

Providing the right amount of recognition to employees who are doing well will only increase the amount of equity they feel in their positions, while telling struggling employees what they can do better is also something valued by today's IT worker. By having a happier staff, managers at small IT firms won't have to worry about costly lawsuits from former or current employees who decide to sue a company. However, it's always smart to be protected with small business insurance policies.

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