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IT professionals now have better knowledge of the cloud

IT professionals now have better knowledge of the cloud. Published: 12/20/2012

In years past, the cloud may have been foreign to many owners of small tech firms and chief information officers at larger companies. But now, many businesses, big and small, believe they are ready to take on cloud computing and realize the benefits provided by the online storage solution, according to a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research.

Business value a key driver for cloud adoption
Many firms began using the cloud and applications years ago, but now several more are being able to see the benefits of such deployments. The research found 80 percent of business executives see the value that the cloud adds to their company, while 51 percent of CIOs began using the cloud because it provides a competitive advantage. A recent Forbes article said businesses that are making a transition to the public cloud must have strong IT departments in place to take care of the security infrastructure.

"Our survey findings show business value is an overwhelming driver for cloud adoption among business executives, while CIOs cite a range of reasons for moving to the cloud," said Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst for Dimensional Research and the study’s author. "Better compliance and increased competitive advantage were also identified as key drivers."

Applications remain current in the cloud
Another reason why the cloud is becoming more popular is that IT professionals are now more experienced in handling cloud applications. According to the data, 95 percent of CIOs said IT pros want to learn more about cloud applications and 83 percent said they have no trouble when they need support for their deployments.

"This new research reinforces the industry’s shift to a more modern, effective and safe way of doing business," said Keri Brooke, vice president of marketing at Host Analytics. "Sixty-one percent of survey respondents cited critical business applications hadn’t been updated recently. That’s appalling and a 'thing of the past' when you move to the cloud."

Despite the growth of the cloud, 14 percent of respondents said their company has business critical software that has not been updated in four years, which could be a security concern. It's important for these firms, and all companies in general, to have up-to-date software - as well as a cyberliability insurance policy to protect their cloud environment from computer hackers and cyberthieves.

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