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IT Hiring Slow but Steady

IT hiring slow, but steady. Published: 11/6/2012

Hiring at small tech companies has grown slightly throughout the year as several economic factors have caused many to remain hesitant to make any major moves. A few of the issues causing IT firms to stand pat include today's presidential election, the fiscal cliff and the current situation in Europe, according to Computerworld.

Recent statistics from U.S. technology association TechAmerica Foundation were displayed in a graph featuring employment by tech security. The graphic showed hiring in January 2012 compared to June 2012 in high-tech manufacturing, communications services, software services, and engineering and tech services.

Over the six months in which the data was collected, software services increased 2.8 percentage points and engineering and tech services increased 3.1 percentage points, while high-tech manufacturing and communications services failed to improve by one percentage point, but it still experienced small growth.

CEO of Janco Associates Victor Janulaitis noted that, while the recovery from the recession is slow and arduous, the overall picture for IT professionals is looking up.

Despite small growth, IT sector still looking strong

Computerworld also touched on data from TechServe Alliance, a collaborative association of IT services firms, which found this year's total number of IT jobs has reached nearly 4.2 million in total, which translates to around 96,400 new jobs after January.

TechServe Alliance’s CEO, Mark Roberts, stated that though IT employment is slower than it used to be, there is no need to change course. After uneasiness about the situation in Europe subsides, as well as anxiety surrounding the US election and the fiscal cliff, Roberts anticipates that the industry will once again be on the path to grow robustly.

Growth that was expected recent innovations from Microsoft, Apple and Google was not reached due to the several economic factors listed above. IT hiring in the United States has still remained steady in what many believe to be a recovery from economic troubles.

IT firms must remain protected while hiring

While hiring has remained slow for small IT firms, growth is expected to take form when the economy picks back up and American business owners know who their president will be for the next four years. By purchasing necessary small business insurance policies, firm owners will have safeguards in place in case anything goes wrong with one of their new employees.

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