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Law Makes Companies Liable for Non-employee Labor Violations

A new law makes California employers liable for certain damages and penalties on wage-related issues for workers employed by other companies but working for California employers

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IT hiring appears to have hit a flat period

IT hiring appears to have hit a flat period. Published: 1/9/2013

Many small tech companies in the United States believed they were poised for growth in the new year with the economy turning around, but recent statistics released by IT staffing intelligence firm TechServe Alliance demonstrated the number of IT jobs shrank by 600 in December.   

"While there was respectable growth overall in 2012, the IT jobs growth engine was essentially in a holding pattern in the fourth quarter," said Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe.

Hiring at small tech companies may pick up in the the first quarter of 2013, which is why firms should have protection such as business insurance to keep the enterprise safe from candidates who weren't hired and want to seek revenge the company.

"While the secular trends for strong IT employment growth remain in place, we need to get through the current period of pervasive uncertainty," said Roberts. "Once the uncertainty dissipates, I fully anticipate we will see robust growth in IT employment throughout 2013 and beyond." 

Some IT jobs poised for growth
The demand for employees with certain skill sets is going to grow in the IT sector. Staffing firm Randstad US recently released its list of 13 hot jobs for the upcoming year, and both IT professionals specializing in third platform and software developers made the cut.  

•IT professionals specializing in third platform: The popularity of the cloud continues to grow, which is causing firms to invest in mobile devices that can improve the performance of employees on the go. To provide support for these new innovations, firms must find staff that work with both the business and technical teams.

•Software developers: Many firms are looking to improve the computer software that is used at the company. By bringing on employees who are able to personalize software and tailor it to company needs, firms can improve efficiency for those who use business software.

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