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BYOD policies are a must at all firms

BYOD policies are a must at all firms. Published: 1/3/2013

Mobile devices are becoming one of most important ways employees at small tech companies are doing business; however, too few firms have set policies in place when it comes to using personal smartphones and tablets for work purposes.

Recent data compiled by technology innovator Globo revealed only 29 percent of responding companies had a formal "bring your own device" policy in place, while 68 percent of IT professionals who took the survey said they are using their personal devices for work.

"With the significant number of employees already using their personal devices for work, companies should be focused on creating a BYOD program and policies that fit the specific needs of the company," said Aggelos Grypaios, vice president of business development and marketing for Globo.

BYOD policies give employees guidelines
Failing to implement a BYOD policy could put the critical information of a small tech firm in serious danger. While all companies should have a form of cyberliability insurance, such policies create an added layer of defense.

According to the survey, workers want to stay loyal to their firm's BYOD policies, with 69 percent of respondents saying that they would not consider breaking a company policy even if they knew that they would not get caught.

"The next important step is to communicate the policy to employees and make sure that they understand their rights and the rights of the company," said Grypaios. "Defining and managing a BYOD strategy that protects the security of the employee and the employer will keep companies competitive in the market by creating a mobile workforce."

It's easy to make a mistakes with BYOD policies
Building BYOD policies isn't as simple as stating what is considered acceptable when using personal devices for businesses purposes - there are actually many different things to consider. A guest article for Forbes written by Pankaj Gupta is founder and CEO of mobile device management vendor Amtel outlined some common gaffes firms make with their BYOD policies.

•Failing to build a list of applications that are acceptable to use for work purposes
•Allowing users to be in charge of their own passwords
•Not giving the business the ability to remotely wipe the device

These are just a few errors companies can make with their BYOD policies, and owners at small tech firms should be sure to keep these in mind when creating their own.

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