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BYOD makes online shopping easier during the holidays

BYOD makes online shopping easier during the holidays. Published: 11/16/2012

IT professionals at small tech companies may have to work overtime during this time of the year due to the increased amount of web browsing employees will be doing for holiday shopping. This is bound to start soon, as Black Friday is right around the corner and American consumers will be looking for the best deals on anything from iPhones to apparel.

"Face it, we're more connected," Frank Gillett, an analyst with Forrester, told Computerworld. "There's simply more opportunity out there for people to try to figure out how to juggle your work/life balance.

A recent article for the website discussed how the increased much bandwidth employees will be using can negatively affect small tech companies that rely solely on the internet for all of their processes.

"I think it's unavoidable," Jim Melvin, president and CEO of performance management company AppNeta, told the website. "We take our work home with us and we take our lives into work. If it's my laptop and I'm at work and I'm having a coffee break, I'm going to get my shopping done. We're seeing more and more of this blending of work and home life."

Holiday shopping accented by BYOD policies
"Bring your own device" policies are a popular trend in today's business world, especially at small tech companies that try to save as much money as possible. However, the use of personal devices at the workplace is only going to add to the amount of online shopping will go on in the workplace, said the website.

"I'm sure in my company it's only on their coffee break but outside of my company, I think people are shopping when the mood strikes them," Melvin jokingly said to the website. "There's no question that bring your own device accentuates people's tendency for shopping while they're at work."

While it's completely understandable that employees at small tech firms will be making online purchases during the workday, it's important that all staff members remember to only make secure transactions.

Computer hackers can easily infiltrate the firewall of a company through online shopping and potentially compromise all of the information housed by a firm. Owners of small tech firms can seek protection from cyberliabilty insurance in the event of such an incident.

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